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Writer, bestselling author, producer, publishing, entertainment & actor.
at ABC Entertainment, Chris Mentillo Productions

Ph.D. Bradford College, Harvard University. Have attended and received scholarships from over six colleges and universities.

Hello! I'm Chris

Hello, my name is Chris Mentillo, Ph.D. AKA (Doc).Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day (who isn't busy these days?) to further investigate my profile page. To date, I have currently partnered up with this company to offer you and the general public, professional busin...

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Hello, my name is Chris Mentillo, Ph.D. AKA (Doc).Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day (who isn't busy these days?) to further investigate my profile page. To date, I have currently partnered up with this company to offer you and the general public, professional business chatting services (however, this can change depending on this companies business practices. I am a real person conducting a real business via honest -- professional business chatting service to the general public. Therefore, I intend to continue such honest business practices as such, but will under no way be affiliated with any company or individuals -- whatsoever whose intentions are anything less via the Internet or elsewhere). At the moment this company so far allows me to offer individuals like yourself some exciting invaluable advice for both of our convenience.

Who Are Your Clients?

Many of my clients are authors, writers, professionals, self-employed business professionals, other individuals, including companies and individuals who wish to write and publish best-selling books, articles, blogs, or film & music. For the record... I have written and published over several best-selling books, and have also been offered several million-dollar deals with top companies, colleges, schools, 501(c) 3 non-profit companies, universities, libraries, celebrities, and producers throughout Hollywood California, and the rest of the world.

In addition, I am currently working on producing new films with a few well-known celebrities, and also writing and getting another published book deal. I have the information you need to make your dream a reality. I guarantee your results. I can help you succeed in all aspects of your book, music, and film production, along with publishing and distribution.

During our chat, you will be blown away with receiving very valuable and vital business information (you will also receive my personal details such as email address, phone number, etc for further advice and help at no extra charge for my personal and business coaching services) which you will receive from me so you can get published and known as a best-selling author, musician, producer, etc. I have built from the ground up over a dozen companies within the entertainment sector and would love to share with you my extremely valuable information so you also can succeed.


Throughout my life, I have founded and started up over a dozen extremely successful companies via both the Internet as well as "brick and mortar businesses." The majority of these companies involved entertainment such as book publishing & distribution companies, advertisement companies, television journal productions, record labels, film and movie productions, personal and professional coaching and consulting companies... and even clinical hypnotherapy, reiki, and psychotherapeutic practice to help individuals and companies reach certain goals in their life and in their businesses.

During my time working for a Boston entertainment research production company, I helped with the production of the following television series and movies: "Bohemian Rhapsody," "The Grinch," "Venom," television series, "The Rookie," Worked for several Marvel comic super-hero films such as "Black Panther," and Avengers: Infinity War, horror movie, "Breaking In," and even a comedy, "Night School" with Kevin Hart. I am also collaborating with horror authors Stephen King and his son Joe Hill.


Even though I am highly qualified to do so, I do not induce any kind of therapy practices -- unless asked too. I utilize Neuro-Associate Conditioning (NAC) and (NLP) to help you get the results you desire. I do not do traditional therapy, except when asked. For your information, I do however hold several certifications, diplomas, and degrees including a board-certified medical degree (doctoral degree) in Alternative Medicines, with an emphasis on clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki, and counseling psychology. I have a staggering list of happy clients regarding utilizing such practices for companies and individuals.

Can you conduct some kind of psychotherapy coaching session, implementing these so-called professional alternative therapeutic methodologies, such as NAC or NLP, hypnosis, etc for which you boast about as part of our chat? And if so, how does it work?

Yes, I can perform this via a chat session. But it works better via phone and or in person. In fact, I am exceptionally good at doing these practices and have been a professionally certified practitioner of such for a very long time. I was personally trained by the very best of the best including Anthony Robbins and Michael Bolduc. Here is how this will work...You first need to contact me here via chat. During our chat session, ask me to perform this for you. Be specific and tell me what you wish to accomplish: fears, depression, phobias, more money, wealth, etc and I will immediately end our chat with you having my personal phone number for which you can contact me immediately after. And I will perform the sessions at no initial charge. You may only receive this form of coaching by phone while I have my chat price set to my normal payment process of $10.00 or more. In all, you will receive coaching sessions via the phone. I guarantee your results. I am one of the best around on the East coast. So please understand you are receiving an enormous price reduction by contacting me first via chat. This is the very first step towards achieving your success. When after you contact me via chat, you will immediately have taken action and opened up the door to enormous possibilities towards your success. So take immediate action. By doing so, one way or the other you will WIN WIN WIN. Period.


These questions are understandable -- especially nowadays via the Internet regarding fraudulent websites and online fraud. Rest assure you will not have this problem with me--ever!. This is why I have partnered up with various other companies via the Internet. Because where you may not have heard of my name or company, you may have some information regarding this website and company. Nevertheless, I normally charge a minimum of $10.00 because my time frame is extremely limited. For example, I currently finished writing and producing over several books (both fiction and non-fiction books) for which I am preparing for traditional publication. (A daunting task to say the least.) This takes time and so I needed this extra time to free up. So currently at the moment, I am only doing this special deal only once this year. Then I will need to vamp up the price again to $10.00 or more. Sorry for any inconveniences along the way. And Happy Success my friends.

Incidentally, the $10 will also include a copy of my new book coming out soon called, "How To Make A Living As a Writer." You will have pre-ordered the book as soon as you start chatting with me at the $10 price mark. This alone is totally worth the money. When chatting with me online, just inquire about the book and about further details on how to receive it. A portion of the book's proceedings will end up being contributed to help starving children around the world. For those who personally know me, you know how much passion I have for children in need. I absolutely love and adore children and animals, and continue to help them and those in need the best I can. Thank you.

To Get published or to receive professional writing, social media, editing, and publishing services -- Go to via "Horror Press Publishing LLC." Let them know you spoke with CM. Good luck!

“We must all go above and beyond treating our children with absolute precision because they are our future.” ...
-- Chris Mentillo, Ph.D.

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