Stephanie Kauffman

In the past I had done almost everything wrong that one could do wrong, and also I have, in the last three years, rebuilt my life after a mental breakdown and now run a business full time and am there for council for many of my friends. I find that sticky situations often need a new perspective or lens that one may not have thought of before and I can offer that to you!

Yasmin Hernandez

I am an excellent active listener who likes to ask questions and really has a big heart to WANT to help as much as I can.

Ehrich Rosen

I have been a therapist in CA for 2 years.

Marko Stark

Being adopted and from a family that split when I was 6, I have a empathy and way with others in hard situations, and have found that by talking to others about my own struggles, I have been able to help them with theirs.

Andre Jefferson

I am open minded and a great listener. I will give opinions if you ask, and advive if you need.

Dinah Chapman

I can give great advice on personal matters. Very level-headed and smart about anything.

Nikki Stewart

I have been through more than the average 29 year old. I’ve dealt with toxic relationships, heartbreak, adoption, neglect, abuse of every kind, loss, etc. and survived it all still with a good head on my shoulders. I’m told I have the best stories in fact because of all of my life experiences.

Rick Sage

I have studied human psychology and behavior. I have studied personal relationships, social, emotional, financial, and health circumstances of people for many, many years.

Horse Wren

I possess a very clear and unbiased mind. This allows me to hear a person out in totality. Then, assess what was said and give an opinion based on what would do.


I am the person my friends and family call for advice on things like friends, relationships, drama, style, business ideas, or just for a listening ear.

Dom Grigio

I often say that I have 50+ years experience although I am in my thirties; mostly because I share many things in common with those 20+ years my senior. This is because of a necessity to grow very quickly in a short amount of time; in every area of my life. Most of my friends are older than me, and I find them asking for my input on a broad range of topics.

Angela Star

Ask me anything and I will give you the most honest answer you’re ever heard. The things you may be uncomfortable speaking about is most welcome here. Judge-Free Zone

Kelvin Martinez

Most people find it hard to talk to someone, I know I did. I am here for any relationship, dating, work or even self advice. I enjoy helping other people even if it is just to talk to them while they are having a cup of coffee or if they are having a mental breakdown. This goes from home care products to whatever you may need. Having suffered from major depression all my life. I know what it feels like to be alone. I am here to let you know, you do not have too.

Andi k

I always have friends coming to me when they need help with something.

Monica Barrera

I’m a advocate for logical behavior, positivity and the honest truth in every circumstance.

Melanie Feller

I have been an advice columnist since I was in high school. Even far out there subjects. People have always told me I give great advice. I give advice on everything. Just ask me.

Angelkin Cassy

Though im young ive lived through rich and poor times great joys and traumas and always knew to trust my gut and know how to tell someone what they need to hear rather than want to hear.

Melissa Hudson

I love giving advice. I'm a great listener and really enjoy engaging in conversation with others including strangers. I'm just a friendly easy going person waiting to help you with whatever whatever problems or decisions you may have to make

Tavarse Kelly

I'm the go to person for all my friends and family when hard times hit, or they just need advice on anything rather its personal, relationship, ideas, or whatever they need help with.

Terra Lane

the world is bad, and im new st adulting. but I am always here to give whatever advice I think would work for whatever situation you may have. I am also good when it comes to advice about the LGBT community, and different sexuailties and genders, and i am always happy to explain

Erica Morales

I'm good at giving advic because I'm not judgmental and also not afraid to say the truth to help you !

Sasha Boileau

I give rational and sound advice. I pride myself on communicating efficiently and personably. Every person has a unique problem and any advice they get should be just as unique to them.