Sophie R

I listen, not to just reply but to understand. I have empathy and compassion for my fellow (wo)man. I also have the gift of perspective which allows me to help see your situation from many sides and angles which in turn allow me to give you the best advice.

Stephanie Kauffman

In the past I had done almost everything wrong that one could do wrong, and also I have, in the last three years, rebuilt my life after a mental breakdown and now run a business full time and am there for council for many of my friends. I find that sticky situations often need a new perspective or lens that one may not have thought of before and I can offer that to you!

Yasmin Hernandez

I am an excellent active listener who likes to ask questions and really has a big heart to WANT to help as much as I can.

Ehrich Rosen

I have been a therapist in CA for 2 years.

Marko Stark

Being adopted and from a family that split when I was 6, I have a empathy and way with others in hard situations, and have found that by talking to others about my own struggles, I have been able to help them with theirs.

Andre Jefferson

I am open minded and a great listener. I will give opinions if you ask, and advive if you need.

Dinah Chapman

I can give great advice on personal matters. Very level-headed and smart about anything.

Nikki Stewart

I have been through more than the average 29 year old. I’ve dealt with toxic relationships, heartbreak, adoption, neglect, abuse of every kind, loss, etc. and survived it all still with a good head on my shoulders. I’m told I have the best stories in fact because of all of my life experiences.

Rick Sage

I have studied human psychology and behavior. I have studied personal relationships, social, emotional, financial, and health circumstances of people for many, many years.

Horse Wren

I possess a very clear and unbiased mind. This allows me to hear a person out in totality. Then, assess what was said and give an opinion based on what would do.


I am the person my friends and family call for advice on things like friends, relationships, drama, style, business ideas, or just for a listening ear.

Dom Grigio

I often say that I have 50+ years experience although I am in my thirties; mostly because I share many things in common with those 20+ years my senior. This is because of a necessity to grow very quickly in a short amount of time; in every area of my life. Most of my friends are older than me, and I find them asking for my input on a broad range of topics.

Angela Star

Ask me anything and I will give you the most honest answer you’re ever heard. The things you may be uncomfortable speaking about is most welcome here. Judge-Free Zone

Chris Mentillo

I am a best-selling and award-winning published author of over six books for which everyone became a bestseller. I have published hundreds of articles and blogs for which have garnished literary awards. I am currently a published author of horror thrillers and non-fiction books with Penguin books and or their affiliates. Additionally, I have proudly owned a very successful coaching & consulting entertainment production company since 2007. Chris Mentillo Productions offers various services and products within the entertainment sector: Book publishing & distribution services, sales of online horror products, professional writing & editing services, personal and professional business coaching, film production and music distribution consulting, etc (See "Knowledge on Consulting Companies)." I can help you get your book or music published with my traditional book and music publishing company at absolutely no charge to you. Some of our contracts may even yield you an up-front "advance." An advance is an up-front payment made before any book sales occur, but in essence, this payment is made in expectation of future royalties. If you’re looking for more detail about advances, average advance levels, and why publishers might pay a lot for one book and very little for another, you are at the right place. We have many options. But if you hesitate to chat with me, then you will most certainly not have the opportunity to publish your dream project... So connect and spend a little time chatting with me via asking important questions. This will be completely worth it in the end. Because you will be on top of the book publishing game and not on the bottom still scratching your head with no real results. I promise you results. You are in great hands. Get started and start asking me questions so we can get you on your way to total success. Need further proof of my existence? You can google or bing me (Chris Mentillo) and go to my IMDb page at To Get published or to receive professional writing, social media, editing, and publishing services -- Go to via "Horror Press Publishing LLC." Let them know you spoke with CM. Good luck!

Lia L

Sei dar bons conselho sobre qualquer assunto onde eu possa lhe ajudar.

Shaniel March

Family and friends tend to come to me for advice about anything because i am 100% honest and understanding I’ve been giving myself advice my whole life and got pretty far

Anahi Hernández

Because I know from experience some what and I know how to cheer people up when needed

Brenda Barricklow

I'm good at relationship advice I'm good at advice for the depressed and suicidal also good at advice for the grieving.

Ashley Ig

I try to adhere to that which fulfills me and makes me happy. Of course, I'm not quite there yet, but I have realized a lot throughout my journey and would love to speak on it. I am honest in my responses and can offer a new perspective on your situation.

Stephanie Sweet

How’s it go,”I’m a bitch, I’m a mother, I’m a child, I’m a lover. I’m a sinner, I’m a saint..”I have 5 kids, one grandchild, 2 ex-husbands(one a malignant narcissist), 2 drug addictions, I have suffered the loss of a child and I bet I can offer insight into your problem!

Briana Donaldson

I have been through a lot of experiences in my life. I am very understanding and often times give great advice to someone with anything on their minds. I typically give informative advice on anything. Some examples are, relationships, friendships, careers, money saving, decorating, art, school, etc.

Jessica G.

In general, if you’d like advice I can provide you with an unbiased outsiders perspective and what I’d do for a solution.