Cherie Smurthwaite

I've been self-employed most of my adult life. I've started many successful businesses. Based on your interests and skills, I can help guide you in the right direction. Businesses I've either had or currently have: Public Records Research, Property Title Searching/Abstracting, E-Commerce, Notary, Business Outsourcing (Accounting, Database Management, Data Entry, Customer Service, etc.)

James Di Meo

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Online, local mom and pop, Huge Corps - yet each have similar needs and wants. How do I get more leads? How can I save money on the cost of running my business? How can I find great employees? What's my exit strategy or how can I scale my business? I have been very fortunate to work with very intelligent and successful people over the years and want to share my knowledge with you.

Georgia Brown

A plan directs you down a path of accomplishment and clarity to keep you on the right track. With over 500 plans done for clients across the globe, im confident in telling you the main components of a plan and pitch deck and why they are important. I can help you scale or even bootstrap your business.

Natalie Wallace

I owned and operated a sales and marketing company in which we managed accounts for Fortune 500 companies.

Heather Ryan

Market positioning and strategic planning are my specialties however I have also product marketing, project management, and promotions. Entrepreneurship is the most fun so I'm happy to help with writing Business Plans. I have also worked in non-profit management and have an MA from NYU in Arts Administration (focus on non-profit) in addition to an MBA also from NYU.

Stacey G

I've had a business for over 14 years. I have started a few different businesses and have even had a franchise at one point. I have experience in opening a business, the necessary paperwork to file, organization, management, staffing, payroll, etc. I have extensive knowledge with leases when you finally find your ideal location to rent a space and can also assist in finding agents in the area to help you find a space to suit your needs. I understand how to organize and develop businesses as well as business plans. I have opened a franchise in the past. I always file the paperwork for organization on my own, I understand the laws according to my state in regards to this paperwork but also have a general knowledge of the laws in other states and what they require for filing.

Cristina Karabakan

I have started my business from zero, to a successful full on business, and I can help you get started too!

Sarah Mullin

Work closely with Entreprenuers and Small Business Owners to develop and grow an online presence. Begining with getting to know their business and brand, researching their target market, and creating a strategy to develop and grow their business for long-term success.

Ashley Springer

I have a Bachelors in Business and have worked on and off for 5 years in business adm.

Lindsay Lou

I'm a successful entrepreneur - a renaissance woman of sorts. From vinyl wraps, to a cookie company, to a produce company, and a tech company - I have acquired knowledge through life experiences as a versatile entrepreneur and I can help you problem solve, plan, budget, prioritize, etc.,

JT Schindler

I am a pirate. I have been entirely freelance since the day I entered the work force in 2010. By doing so I have been a sole proprietor my entire career. If you want to know everything not to do, I can tell you. If you want help figuring out the best next steps, I got you. I must admit I am not professional qualified to do so, I am not a lawyer, and I am not an accountant, but I do my own taxes, and represent myself in court. What I can do is offer you friendly advice from years of hard earned experience.

Sammy Cook

I have managed different stores and can help with the business aspect of it.

Aaron Dillon

Having started multiple small businesses, I can help you get your feet off the ground. If you are already floating but get stuck or need help cutting costs, I CAN HELP! I’ve been doing it for a long time, I’m your guy!

Jeremiah Osborne

I have a degree in Business Administration. I have extensive sales and service success. I have worked hourly jobs and been the Operations Manager of a successful window cleaning company. I have raised overall profitability of every company I have worked for, increasing sales and revenue with dedication, hard work, and building strong relationships.

Angel Bickerstaff

I own my own marketing business and have also had my fair share in multi marketing set ups. I know all the ins and outs.

‘Nicci’ Nichole Sinclair

11 year expertise in successful business development, creation, networking, marketing and business practices alike. Solely maintaining my individual business practice including co-founding several other separate businesses.

Amy Starks

Let me just say this, I would not say I could be of assistance if I was not confident I was able. I studied business in school, have my degree for sure. However, I have learned most from what I have studied and whom outside that. The works of Richard Branson, Mark Cubin, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Biil Gates, Steve Jobs, just to name a few... Researching people and places, following the news, and the economy, being immersed into any and all case studies of interest....well I just like to know things about this topic of study so you will just have to see if I know what your needing.

Rob Chaney

One of the focuses my main business has is business consulting. I meet with business owners (especially small and medium) to find out what vendors they use for various services such as book keeping, inventory management, software, technology, marketing, etc and find out what is working and what is not working, find out their pains and I give them advice on other vendors or services to consider. Commonly businesses have been using the same providers for a long time or just went with the first one they found that may not be a good fit, but they needed something or they just don't time or don't know there are better options, so I research possible alternatives and make suggestions based on ones I already know and others I find that might be usefully based on their unique situation. Since my specialty is in technology, I also help evaluate what is in use and give recommendations on if it is a good fit and if not give suggestions on what they should get. One of the starter things is having a domain based email address, not a free one like gmail.

Christy Banda

I went to school for business, dropped out and started my own marketing agency. I now help businesses generate leads and profits by using social media. Former Apple Inc.

Benjamin Morgan

I own two businesses, Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse and Harpers LLC

Chris Mentillo

I currently have owned a consulting entertainment production company since 2007. I will never stop doing this until the day I die. This is my whole life. Chris Mentillo Productions offers various services and products within the entertainment sector: Book publishing & distribution services, sales of online horror products, professional writing & editing services, personal and professional business coaching, film production and music distribution consulting, etc. In addition, I have many Hollywood ties with very exceptional people to help with consulting. J.D. Vaughn and James Franco are currently partnered up with Chris Mentillo Productions regarding the release of a new movie for which I am also a producer. Chris Mentillo is a published author, writer, editor, and contributing news journalist. During his time working for a Boston research entertainment production company, Chris helped make (produce) the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" (write and market this movie) In addition, Chris Mentillo worked on the movie, "The Grinch," "Venom," television series, "The Rookie," "Kelly & Michael," several Marvel comic super-hero films, and much more. J.D. Vaughn and James Franco are currently partnered up with Chris Mentillo Productions regarding the release of a new movie for which I am also a film producer. I have written and produced numerous amounts of film material and am currently working hard to bring them to fruition. To Get published or to receive professional writing, social media, editing, and publishing services -- Go to via "Horror Press Publishing LLC." Let them know you spoke with CM. Good luck!

Tiara Smith

Having a business mindset is important in this day and age also being able to effectively manage your finances is critical I have basic helpful knowledge of Marketing, sales, customer service Communicating, Leadership, Problem solving. I build resumes for anyone who needs help!