Gibson Devens

I have been a musician for 13 years and I’m currently a music major.

Shi’s Melody

Music major, I can teach you how to hold a note or simply show you how to write your own lyrics, music teacher on take I can do all types of genres of music so if you have a question on how to get started I’m your girl

Jaime Gehly

With a BA in Drumset Performance and many years of recording and touring experience, I am a seasoned professional on the drums and have produced records with many Grammy Award winning artists.

Jenna HP

I have played an instrument since 4th grade, starting with clarinet and piano, and then switching to alto saxophone in 6th grade. I have continued to play throughout college for all four years.


I have had an intense passion for music my entire life. This passion has led me to having music as one of my majors in college. Theory, composition, performing, I am well versed in it all. I specifically focused on performance myself, with a focus on vocals (range, pitch, tone, etc.)

Jonny Ventre

I am currently a music teacher who teaches music theory and voice. I have a masters in Music Therapy and I also dabble in music production (I.E. creating beats and mixes). I can help with anything and everything music related including music theory questions and just general questions about music and life as a music major. I will do my best to help you out in any way that I can!

vanessa venugopal

I am an content writer who focuses in writing anything about country music. However, my love is always seen in independent artists or artists who are underrated. I like songs of Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis, Sons of the Easts and more.

Chad Robinette

Oh, music my music, maybe my one true love. This might be my biggest set of skills and knowledge just cause I've been doing it SO LONG! When it comes to music I like to apply that same creative process I use in lyric writing through the voice of whatever instrument I may be playing. So like I said when using creative arrangements and unorthodox voicings is truly how I beleive you come up with the most compelling and ear desiring ride of emotion. So if I was creating a score for a movie or video game, the visual feedback has to coinside with what your hearing to give the game or movie the most optimal depth and ingulphing experience. So like in call of duty when them war drums start bleeding through the melody more and more you know your building up to an action driven situation. The same way you can tell through a song the chorus is coming through that drum fill or guitar role off, we feel the smooth interchange from the verse to bring you to that next emotion you want that transitions to the chorus or bridge. Arrangement is a crucial key to music I cant say this enough. It's not about who can shred the best or blast beats at 260 bpm it's about the layout, feel and creativity introducing the emotions we want displayed. And I can go on for hours about how to be creative and not even get to mixing with proper compression and using the right kind of reverb on your piano to channel the hats that are panned to one side, keeping the fullness of your high end away from your mid till it's time to transition back to the bridge or outro. It's really my favorite subject to write or teach about so.. questions anyone?

Britney Munson

I have listened to, played, performed, and been a part of music ever since I was a kid.

John Kelly

Minoring in music, currently and have been in a choir my whole life. Musical production, Music theory.

Will Betts

I've been playing music for over 8 years, and been a multi-instrumentalist for the last 4-5 years. Primarily I play strings and do production, and I have a solid foundation in music theory.

LaTrent Montgomery

20 years as church organist, formally trained. Proficient in 5 plus different instruments. Industry knowledge and multiple genre music production.

Ira Burnett

If movies are my passion, music is my life. As I stated in my bio I am a starving artist and I have been making music for 17 years. I write, I compose, and I direct and produce. But my knowledge doesn't end with creating music. I am a fan of so many different genres that I go through 3 phones a year due to needing more storage for all the music I want on the go. Currently I have 7000 songs in my playlist ranging from hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, R&B, 80s Pop, rock, gospel, and so much more.

William Vick

I have been a musician sense age 15. I love music I live for music. I started studying music theory at age 10 in homeschool. I was homeschooled throught most of my school life and I studied quite a bit of music. I had liscenced musical teachers for practical music lessons. I started in school band with the flute and eventually graduated to guitar and so on. I can play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, flute, and other percussion instruments. I would like to earn a degree so I can teach music for private lessons.

Gina Rose

I have been singing ever since i can remember. I did musical theater for 15 years and i play ukulele, guitar, mandolin, piano, and drums. Any music theory is within my wheelhouse and i read music as well. Punk rock is my favorite genre but i essentially listen to all of them. I was in various choirs and theatrical programs gor 10 years. I am also a songwriter.

Michael Styslinger

I am a self taught, multi musician who writes and plays his own music. I can also play music phonetically and consider myself to be an encyclopedia of pop music knowledge.

Piper Prasansawas

I had my BA In music. Use to be a sound engineer and score composer. I tried all the software. I do orchestra score to an electronic music

Martina Coleman

I sing ,write & produce music , I can help you with finding your sound and getting in touch with your emotions to become and good writer and independently work on your music !

Jane Violet

I sing, play autoharp, and guitar and write my own songs! I would love to help you in your artistry too.

Kiko McGowan

I am experienced music production on the DAW, Ableton Live.

Devon Devereaux

It's at the heart of our world, a language understood by all who walk the earth. Creating it is a thing of beauty, one which I've had the pleasure to have a natural talent for. If you need advice on making an audience weep with joy, or filling the atmosphere with meloncholy, I'm your man.

Stephanie Ingram

Again, i'm a living breathing person and music is essential! Metal, punk, rock, progressive are my go-to genres. I also write my own.


I started playing music at 10 and have knowledge of sight reading, theory and composition as well as having toured and recorded

Davonyea Marcel

I’m a music artist, I went from being terribly shy, to putting my own, original music out, learning vocal inflections, working with top vocal coaches, learning not to be afraid of what people think of me or my music. I’ve had people requesting I come to London, Japan, etc. I’ve found the secret to one major thing that stops people from progressing in this industry, as an artist in general.