Social Media

Stella Stryx

I have accounts with thousands of followers, and I can teach you tips on how I was able to go from 1,000 views on my profile a month, to over 70,000 in less than six weeks.

Diana Oliphant

Social media can do so much for so many different people and businesses. There’s a big difference between running a personal account and having a business page! Social media is the perfect marketing platform for makers and small business but there is a lot to know. From content creation, to copy writing, finding the perfect hashtags, and SEO tactics there is a lot to stay on top of.

Georgia Brown

There are many social media platforms today that have their own culture and strategic methods to reach your target audience. lets create a roadmap to success for your project or brand utilizing a tailored strategy that fits your budget. I've owned a marketing agency for 7 plus years and can assist you in many ways.

Natalie Halbuer

I have a following of 171,000+ and I also run a verified band account. I have had my account for 5 years and have worked with over 600 different companies and understand what it takes to grow and sustain a following.

Aun Berardi

I have years of experience with social media marketing, advertising and management with previous management positions. I also know many different tips, tricks and strategies to grow a social media presence and fan base for a company or for a personal account.

The Professional

Social media and its power to connect and communicate with people is a powerful tool, if you know how to take advantage of it . Wether your building a blog , promoting your brand or business , reaching out to old friends , or even potienal clients or business partners. Social media helps gets you out there and people aware about you. If you want more info on how to use the social media plat form or ideas on how to improve it i can help.

Heather Fass

I use just about all of the major social media platforms daily, i.e. FaceBook, Instagram, Snap chat, and Twitter. Additionally, I have experience/knowledge of almost any social media platform be it designed for education/career, selling/buying some sort of merchandise, uploading/downloading content, or just simple social media entertainment pleasure.

Clarence Taylor

I’ve been a great aspect on Facebook and instagram also more recent Snapchat that’s been generating a lot of profits

Kelly Davenport

I have been an artist my whole life & have become a graphic designer over the past 6 years. I studied Design & Visual Communications at school as well as Journalism, Advertising, PR & Media Studies. I have worked for the Walt Disney Company, NBA, National MS Society & many more fantastic organizations. I have had a lot of job & intern experience with marketing and socials.

Sarah Pieski

I am incredibly tech savvy and have many followers across many social media platforms.

Karla Force

People dont watch television really anymore, everything truly happens via social media, understanding multiple platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, periscope, twitch, youtube, flickr, etc. Is crucial at this day in agae.


Blogger and social media influencer, as well as knowledgeable on all social media platforms

Paige Ronco

Being a freelance model means I have great practice when it comes to making your social media page stand out!


Utilizing a number of video creation tools, I am able to create engaging content for your audience on social media. Youtube video optimization is also a specialty of mine. Advertising on YouTube and Facebook are also among my skillsets.

Whitney L

I work as a social media marketer in NYC. I have worked with a range of employers from a law firm, to private practices, and to event hosting businesses. I have a wide range of knowledge of how to run social media, post daily and maintain social media, curate posts, and make use of SEO and analytics. Along with social media I aid in website creation and maintenance.

Sheena Mancini

Part of my college education was to minor in Social Media marketing and I stay up to date on the latest trends and information available.

Kayla Sugg

I have my own blog, two instagrams, a running website that all have a good following and understand the ins and outs of it.

Lauren Grabfelder

Marketing student and successfully launched social media campaigns for business.

I run 6 social media platforms I know the pros and cons of it.

Dia Thompson

Want to boost your followers? Having trouble making content? Unable to log back into an old account? I’ve got you covered!

Kas S

I'm young, tech saavy, and I'm constantly on my phone. I could help with a lot of social media marketing and branding questions.