Chris Mentillo

I have well over 20 years of experience writing and editing for both my own companies and for other various professionals and corporations. I can also do keynote speaking on subjects via publishing, writing, etc which will yield you infinite results. My indispensable knowledge of "know-how" with the entertainment and publishing industry will indeed help you procure a deserving publishing contract one way or another. I have written best-selling books, won all kinds of awards, and can advise you on how to do the same. Let me fill your head with knowledge for which you can transform into positive results. Chris Mentillo is a published author, writer, editor, and contributing news journalist. During his time working for a Boston entertainment research production company, Chris Mentillo helped with the production of the following television series and movies: "Bohemian Rhapsody," "The Grinch," "Venom," television series, "The Rookie," Worked for several Marvel comic super-hero films such as "Black Panther," and Avengers: Infinity War, horror movie, "Breaking In," and even a comedy, "Night School" with Kevin Hart. Chris Mentillo is also collaborating with horror authors Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. To Get published or to receive professional writing, social media, editing, and publishing services -- Go to HorrorPublishing.com via "Horror Press Publishing LLC." Let them know you spoke with CM. Good luck!

Briana Donaldson

I have won many awards for my writing skills. I am very knowledgeable in college and high school paper writing, short stories, songs, poems, and even resume assistance. I also have a keen eye for detail so if need be I can assist in proof reading resumes, papers, stories, songs, poems, etc.

Ann Butenas

I was first published professionally at age 11 and have continued this endeavor to this very day. I make my primary living as a contract writer for a variety of businesses. I have also ghost-written several books and have penned a couple of my own.

Rachel Peterson

I’ve written 3 plays, studied writing for 4 years, and have experience writing/performing stand up and variety show style sketches. My writing is dialogue and character driven, so if you want to write a sketch, play, set, I can help. I understand joke structure as well as play structure, and will help you find the things that keep your story active and moving. The action is what moves the story. I can help you show and not tell.

Daisy Arteaga

More than 15+ years of editing experience in proofreading letters, essays, reports, documents etc in both English and Spanish languages. I have many years of experience in creative writing and may assist in placing ideas onto paper.

Shi’s Melody

When I write I write from my head and put it on paper and then I like to go back and look at what needs to be done and re-edit it, I’m in love with writing books and currently working on book #3 on Wattpad which is a good writing tool for upcoming writers or if you simply want to just use it for fun & learn.


I've been writing since I was a kid, finishing my first book. I can help with most aspects of writing and editing.

Theresa Jewell

Wordsmith wizard! Basic SEO content, academic writing, persuasive essays, press releases, creative writing, research papers, poetry, landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, etc. Proficient in all areas of writing, from editing and proofreading to thesis development and brainstorming.

Danielle Whitlock

I have been a published author since I turned thirteen years old. I love writing and have served as a tutor in high school and a small bit in college. I

Dominique Barlow

Writers block, need someone to listen to a story and rate it. I can do that i have been writing ssince 2nd grade. I once won a contest in 7th grade i had the best written book in the school.

Ryan Shukis

Grammar, creative, and best way to approach new subjects.

Frances Vitiello

I have coordinated many events, where I had to contact hundreds of people for various reasons. My skill in writing is what got vendors, raffle prizes, venues, and donations for the events i organized.

Brian Raichlen

I have a breadth of professional experience, all with a common focus on developing strong communication skills across a wide variety of demographics. I am adept at synthesizing information from numerous and varied sources, then using that synthesis to produce high-quality content to effectively reach my target audience. This efficacy is borne out of an optimal balance between my developed analytical ability, and my creatively intuitive thinking skills.

Jessica Borger

I am a writer in my free time. I have taken numerous classes on writing.

Brittany Williams

I have been writing for various websites and publications for the last 4 years. I can help you learn how to content or copy write and write essays, novels, or screenplays.

Dissette Leatherwood

I am fluent in English and use correct grammar. Best of all, I’m creative. I can help you paint a picture with words, get your ideas down on paper, or simply edit your writing.

Sarah Anne

I actually from a very young age have been a talented writer. I had college level writing in the eighth grade, and took creative writing and high level English through college. I can help with anything from writing a paper to writing a good text back to something 🙂

Claudia Alvarez

I have always had a gift for writing in a way that gets peoples attention. I have had to write for a living at times in the past..I would write hundreds of letters trying to convince investors why it would be a good decision on their part to invest in my employer. I have also written plays as well. I have good grammar and spelling skills and I would like to think I know how to get peoples attention as well as if we were standing in front of each other.

Christian Tavarez

I’m very proficient with my word choice.

Garrett Smith

I have been writing for over 15 years and do so professionally. I can help with simple issues such as finding the right word or phrase, to helping fellow writers learn how to turn their passion into a career.

Michael S

Published author and award winning screenplay writer.

Mia Jane

I have experience writing blogs on a variety of topics as well as copy for brands.

Damon Beckemeyer

I’m working on my own novel. I have a collection of about 130 poems, that you’re welcome to read them should that be how you choose to spend your time. I’m a lover of symbolism, and would be happy to break any literary viewpoint down for you. If you need help with AP exams, I did score a 5 on the Language and Composition test, so I suppose I could have some insight there as well. Let’s get you thinking deep and writing well!

Sierra Ramirez

I am so proud to have had the opportunity to support individuals in finding their writing voice, in such a wide range of contexts. I regularly work with adult learners approaching university as first generation college students, international NGO professionals improving their written communication, and US military service-members prepping for career development exams. From those experiences, I have learned to communicate clearly and efficiently, helping students achieve understanding and confidence from our first session. I bring in the best support resources (including easy to understand videos, games, websites, and handouts) to support the individual learning styles and needs of the student.